Multi-Planning | Online Shared Calendar & planning software for teams

Shared Calendar & planning software for teams

The only customisable on-line planning application, with free 1:1 customer service to help you set up in a few hours and optimise the options for your specific needs.

The collaborative online tool to plan, track and optimise the work of your

A clear view

Shared Group Calendars from 1 to over 100 users can be displayed on the same page.

View free slots and schedule team meetings in a snap.

CRM & Event History

Get a comprehensive view on your previous, past and future meetings.

Store Minutes of Meetings,
Create & assign tasks
And automate your workflow

Encrypted & Cloud-based

No more paperwork,
No more Spreadsheets to update

Get real time access to your work schedule & documents

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Organize and keep track of all interventions,
at a glance
Schedule & Organize easily your Care workers visits. Gestion des commerciaux boost your sales representatives agenda & follow through their business opportunities

A powerful, flexible planning packed with features...

Collaborative planning

Shared Group Calendars - from 1 to over 100 users on the same page. Schedule work events, Organize teams, Manage availability, and book meetings in a snap.


Get a comprehensive overview on your previous, past and future meetings & track opportunities. Store Minutes the of meetings, Create & assign tasks, Share up-to-date contact details, Automate your workflow


Get corporate-level analytics tool at a fraction of the price with the multi-planning Dashboard. Track your KPIs, manage your team's workload... all customizable.


Charging by the hour ? Use our integrated billing module connected to the planning; to send out PDF invoices with your brand name.

...and that you can adapt to your needs.


Customize fields

Now you can tailor your planning to your way of working.

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Digital signature

Get your customer to sign documents sent. They are automatically added to your Event forms.

Cloud storage

Store Photos, PDF, & intervention reports, by contact or by client. Retrieve them easily using the library.


Sync with Google Calendar

Share multiple Google calendars and enjoy scheduling from a single screen.


Full Support included

Get free, personalized 1:1 training and support
right from the start.

Discover how you can do more

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« Multi-Planning is quick and efficient to sort the routing of our medical deliveries and arrange our appointments »
Frederic Dufour
Founder and Managing Director, Proximed

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