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Event History

Leverage your customer data without hassle

CRM is integrated right from your planning activity. Built with simplicity in mind, you can follow-up time spent by your staff, or upcoming business opportunities.

Show, filter, and export your activity feed

Display all your organization events as a list, and leverage our smart filters to get insights.
  • Event List display

    Display your events as a list with all associated data.

  • Smart Filters

    Filter your data by period, by customer, by stakeholder, by activity ... and combine as many filters as you want. Get quick answers to your questions.

  • Sums & Totals

    Sum the overall turnover, number of customer contacts, number of achievements, working hours or events... and any additional numeric field.

  • Export Excel & CSV

    Export in an instant data that matters in XLS or CSV format, for further analysis on spreadsheet or send them to accounting.

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Integrate your own fields for appointments, and search for them in the CRM: Reference number, etc ...


One-click PDF export, for printing or external sharing.

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