A clear view of your Collaborative planning

Collaborative planning means a unified View, shared by all your team members. With a Crystal-clear view, follow up easily with 2 or 50 users !

Create your events

Collaboration starts with planning : Use the collaborative online calendar to quickly Create Events, meetings, and manage availability

  • Multi-User Events

    Create an Event for just one member, for a one to one meeting, or for the whole team.

  • Recurring (Repeat and Duplicate) Events

    Save time by duplicating regular events in your calendar or enable Event repetition.

  • Organize by category

    Use our suggested list or create your own.

  • Drag & Drop

    Rescheduling an event takes just a few seconds with drag & drop capability.

Create & sign your business documents

Forget repair forms or other paperwork order; have digital versions created and signed on the go.
  • Digital documents editor

    Edit and Generate your PDF documents for each event. Choose the fields you need (ex: Customer name, Internal references, comments...) thanks to the integrated Drag & Drop editor.

  • Direct Sharing

    Share the generated documents by email to event contacts : Customer, partners, employees... straight from multi-planning.

  • e-signature

    Thanks to integrated digital signing, you can have your professional documents signed directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Manage rights of your collaborative tool

Control who can read, edit or delete events within your team.

  • User Groups

    Create as many groups as you need for your company : Secretary, Technicians, Sales...

  • Granular Authorization control

    You can define each group rights. Read-only events, creating an event, editing a report, etc. You can even apply these parameters for a specific type of appointment.

  • Quick Deactivation

    An employee has left your structure ? Deactivate his/her account in one click, and he/she won't be able to access your sensitive data anymore. Of course, you can still access his existing events & contact information.

woman picking who has access rights
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Add Custom Fields

Add personalized data to each Event
  • All fields types

    Short or long text, Checkbox or drop-down list, you can choose any kind of field to match with your activity.

  • Advanced properties

    Choose whether your custom field is mandatory or not, editable or not... with multi-planning, you're in control.

  • Dynamic lists

    Create your own dynamic list that can be assigned to Event or Contact forms.

Send Text & E-mail notifcations to your customers

Avoid no-shows by setting up and customizing reminders
  • Text reminders (optional feature)

    Send text reminders right from the event window.

  • Text templates

    Save your own templates for text messages.

  • iCalendar integration

    Your clients & partners can add the event to their own calendar thanks to ICS. Compatible with , , calendar systems.

  • Alarm / Reminder pop-up

    Get an alarm for un upcoming event straight from your planning.


Take Meeting notes & reports straight from your planning, and include them in your e-mails.

Search Feature

Find Events in the past, present or future quickly with integrated search.

Export & Print

Get a overall view by printing your next week-planning, for all or some of your team members.

Expenses Management

Manage your Expenses straight from the Event screen.

Cloud & secure

Zero maintenance and zero set-up, our Cloud service is Hosted on dedicated, high performance servers for maximum availability. 

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