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This is the WordPress title Here is the short, simple description that appear when clicking on the tip icon in Multi-Planning. Tip Extra Detail (titre & bloc visible quand l’on clique sur plus d’infos) Groupes de Services Lorem ipsum dolor … Read More

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Revamping complete !

Multi-Planning ramps up its international service with a new website & application Partager sur facebook Partager sur linkedin Partager sur email by Romain Priot Nantes, France. Multi-Planning announced today completing a major overhaul of the international version of its website. … Read More

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Multi-Planning, one of the pioneers of cloud-based applications

Multi-Planning, one of the pioneers of cloud-based applications. As we celebrate 16 years since the creation of the company, we asked one Multi-Planning’s original co-founders to answer this question:  “What was it like in the early days?” [TheChamp-Sharing] By Alexander … Read More

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How to calculate working hours ?

Do you supervise a team of technicians?  Then surely you should already calculate the working hours of the team. At the end of each period, it’s often the same song.  You must record, total, or even invoice the working hours … Read More

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The only customisable shared planning
with walk-through support & consulting.

Contents of our interactive training​

In this guided interactive session, one of our expert product consultant will guide you and adapt our workflow so you can extract the most value of our your Multi-Planning trial.
You will learn how to :
We have helped over 600 companies, including:

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