Your professional contacts, always in sync

Store, sort and synchronize your contacts between all your devices. Share them to your team or keep them private to you.

Get your contact book to work for you

and have them handy on your multi-planning
  • Integration to your events

    Link contacts to your events to fill the integrated CRM. Now, you will be able to follow through your business with any contact or company.

  • Continuous Synchronization

    Your contacts are continously synched within all your user account. Sales representative has just updated Customer details ? Your accounting can directly establish invoicing, right from multi-planning, without worrying.

  • Stockage illimité

    Store all your contacts in the cloud without limits.

  • Google Contacts Selective Sync

    Your multi-planning contact groups stay in sync with your Google™ account. That way, your contacts also sync with your phone, effortlessly. You can also pick up private contacts that do not sync.

  • Custom Fields

    Short or long, checkboxes or drop-down list : Define what additional information you want depending on your need. You can also link with a dynamic list that also shows in your Events.

  • Data Export

    Export with One-click to other apps, in XLS or CSV format for additional analysis, or integration to your accounting.

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