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What our clients use Multi-Planning for

Facility Management

Manage Technicians dispatch, centralize interventions minutes, collect signatures

Construction contractors

Set working schedules, distribute plannings through smartphones

Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

Manage Work orders & interventions, collect customers signatures

Training & educational services

Plan Course & training schedules, distribute training materials, statistical reporting

Architects & Engineering Services

Architects agenda, follow-up on mission expenses categorized by client or file

Personal Services

Manage Salons appointments & reservations, automatically send appointment reminders


Manage Driver / Truck & trail availability, schedule interventions...

Health & paramedical

Dispatch & Routing of Home care workers, Manage work plannings in pharmacies, synchronize working hours with pay management systems

Team Calendar sharing & beyond


A color coded Business Calendar on a single screen.


Get context, reports, and insight on your activity

Access Management

Control who does what.


of Calendar info with internal or external parties


Zero set-up
Zero Maintenance

...and dedicated support

From Configuration to Customisation of your planning, Multi-Planning always come with 1:1 free support through various channels.

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