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Your Visitor Reservations, now done in 60 seconds with our Online Booking System

Meet ResaZen, our online booking system designed with simplicity at heart, and efficiency in mind.

Sign up to a free account in minutes, get a booking link and have your visitors, leads, and customers to book appointments in less than 60 seconds.

View and manage your business planning on our free online planning, or sync them with your Google™ Calendar  account.

Yet, don’t take our word for granted – try it yourself now.

Retail Practitioners Sports coach Salons Pharmacy Restaurants & Caterers Recruiters Coachs

Simple & efficient Scheduling

Get onboard the quickest Online booking system in no time

Online booking system step 1 : Add one or more services that Customer can book

Add one or more services and set their duration, and cost.

Online booking system step 2 : Set your availaibilities

Pick time ranges in which people will be able to book your services.

Online booking system step 3 : Customer booking

Add a Book Now button to your website, or send the booking link by e-mail, social networks or any channel.

A free yet mighty online booking system

Following our totally unbiased research, ResaZen is one of the most complete, free online appointment scheduling tool, with Google calendar sync.
Unlimited Appointments. Custom Logo. And More :

Choose your Free or Premium plan

Benefits of
an online booking system

Improve your customer experience

Straightforward Bookings made in a few taps or clicks.

Save time

Some businesses spend up to 3 phone calls per booking. With ResaZen, you can focus on what is important.

Increase your Revenues, 24/7

From our stats, over 50% of online bookings are made outside of opening hours.

Avoid no-shows

Reduce drastically customer no-show With automatic calendar integration, Text and e-mail alerts.

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Customer Relations


Customer Success Manager

30 years of experience in the software business

ResaZen is an independant company based in Brittany, France.

Outside of a passion for Crêpes and salted butter, we pioneered the modern Software as a Service era with Multi-Planning, an Online Shared Calendar – that has been ever-evolving and seduced thousands of Professional customers.
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We believe that Small & Medium Business owners – whether they are in Professional Services or Retail, should have intuitive, efficient tools to save time and focus on what they do best. 

Customer Service
is at the heart of what we do, and we provide direct phone, chat and e-mail support.

Eventually, all our Services are hosted on secured servers in Western Europe. GDPR-Compliant, we strive to protect your privacy and none of our business include selling your data.

Nantes, Capital of Brittany, France

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The only customisable shared planning
with walk-through support & consulting.

Contents of our interactive training​

In this guided interactive session, one of our expert product consultant will guide you and adapt our workflow so you can extract the most value of our your Multi-Planning trial.
You will learn how to :
We have helped over 600 companies, including:

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