How to calculate working hours ?

Do you supervise a team of technicians? 
Then surely you should already calculate the working hours of the team.

At the end of each period, it’s often the same song. 
You must record, total, or even invoice the working hours of each of your collaborators or employee. However, this essential task can be repetitive, and sometimes surprisingly complex for an organization with many employees.

This article therefore explains how to calculate the working hours  per month or for any other period selected on multi-planning.  

This can help you in many cases:

  • You want to check that one of your employees or collaborators has worked the number of hours planned for the month.
  • You want to check that one of your employee or collaborator has worked the number of hours planned for a given client.
  • You want to check that the total hours of intervention at a customer correspond to the hours budgeted and contractually validated.
  • You want to calculate the total hours to bill for a given customer.
  • You want to establish payslips corresponding to the activity of your resources / employees with the help of payroll software.
  • etc.

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1 / Access all the appointments and filter the period

CRM view in multi-planning showing filtered entries
The Appointment List view allows you to filter events, appointments and display working times

In multi-planning, all you need to do is display the Appointments list  to display all the appointments and events in your organization as a list.

First select the period considered. For example, if you want to calculate the working hours of a technician per month ,

  1. indicate in the “Date” slot the first and last day of the month in question.
  2. Then click on “OK” to filter the list that appears below.
  3. Select the name of your technician or employee by selecting their name in the Speaker field.
  4. Click on “Apply filters”
  5. That’s all !  Your list appears filtered, with the total hours at the bottom of the table.

In this list of appointments, you will find among others these four main fields of information:

Obviously, depending on the additional fields configured on your account, other personalized information may appear: Intervention number, etc.

Also, remember that you can just  add fields to this list  by clicking on the columns icon   .

It is also possible to add your own fields to filter the display by criteria which are specific to you. Beforehand, you must configure additional fields on your account. If you haven’t configured any additional fields yet, you can do so quickly and easily by following this tutorial.

2 / Export the list of working hours and appointments to a spreadsheet

That’s it ? That’s all!

The integrated display allows you to monitor the progress of the planning at any time.

Once you have displayed the count of the working hours sought you may need to export the total to another management application or to a spreadsheet for further data-crunching.

To do this, click on the export selection button .
All the data will be exported in Excel format.

To view it in printable format, simply click on the integrated PDF export.

We hope that this article will be able to help you in your hourly calculation of hours worked.

While waiting for the next billing cycle, do not hesitate to consult us.

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