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Service groups allow you to display to your visitors and customers only one subset of all your available Services, thanks to a customized personalized link. You retain the possibility of giving a link containing all your services.

Use cases for Service Groups

Service groups can be useful in plenty of use cases: 

  • You want to include the Booking Module on a specific page of your website
  • You want your visitors, social media followers to be able to book your services in no time.

By reducing the choice among your different services, you ensure that your visitors make reservations more easily, and faster.

An example illustrated your better than too many words:

Link without Service Group specified
All group & services are displayed to your visitors.
Direct Link to Service Group 1
Only services in Group 1 are displayed to your visitors.
Direct Link to Service Group 2
Only services in Group 2 are displayed to your visitors. (Only 1 service in that group)
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Set up your services group

      1. Login to your ResaZen account, and click on Settings
      2. Pick a number from 1 to 9 for each service.
      3. Click on Visitor Link, selecting the correct group. Your link should start with https://www.multi-planning.com/reservation_connexion/?cdr=[your_ResaZen_ID]
      4. Check that the URL contains your Service group number as per the exemple below :

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